About Me
My name is Bart De Pelsmaeker, I live north of Los Angeles, near the beautiful Santa Monica mountains (and near Malibu, if you prefer the beach). My passion has been online marketing and selling for many years, and I have been obsessed with the internet since Gopher and HTML 1.0. I currently am the CEO at Readz, which is a fantastic platform that helps companies of all sizes (and a good chunk of Fortune 500 clients) easily create interactive brand content for the web.
SEO Is My Game
I love all aspects of online marketing (from PPC to social media and content marketing), but the area that I love beyond any other is SEO — getting real business results from organic search. I love how organic search has changed in the past few years. It used to be almost a con game with content farms, keyword stuffing and webrings. But today, success with organic search starts to be driven by real, genuine content that helps people who search achieve their objectives faster. Quality, Not Quantity
Or in online marketing terms: conversions, not traffic. I would rather have 4 valid prospects out of 10 visitors than 2 valid prospects out of 100 total visitors. Why Am I Writing This Blog?
Well, I could say it is because I like to share and teach. That is true, but honestly, I gain a lot from this blog, as well. To start, writing forces me to have a systematic approach even more than I already do and it structures my thoughts. Secondly, I am learning so much from all of you out there. The more experience I gain, the more I realize how little I know. So thank you!
If you feel somewhat confused about content marketing, SEO and the (sometimes contradictory) information out there, join the club. With the massive amounts of information coming at you, how are you to know what works and what doesn’t? Here is my promise to you: I write and publish tutorials, how-to’s, case studies and videos only when I have personally seen them work. But content marketing and SEO is a rapidly evolving game. What works today might not work tomorrow.

Here are some of the subjects on which I have educated myself and will pass on to you: How to write content that motivates people
How to write content that Google likes How to get higher conversions on your content How to promote your content Feel like joining the club? I would love to connect and share ideas.
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Some of the fun I’ve had
I studied Commercial Engineering (Solvay Business School) in Brussels, and started my career working as a university lecturer at Wuhan University (wuda) in China. After that, I worked for some pretty big brands, like Sony, Lotus Development, and IBM. Rising through the ranks to become an executive, I led large software departments, as well as marketing and sales teams, with great success. Even though working at these companies was both rewarding and challenging, I always had this itch: large companies, even amazing ones like IBM, have many procedures and heavy decision processes out of necessity. I felt a need to move faster, to have a more agile, nimble way of working. So I started out on my own. And I will be honest. It was not easy, it was hard. Like so many others, I went down the content-marketing road only to find that it was leading me nowhere (I don’t seem to be alone in this: the Content Marketing Institute’s surveys show that most content marketers actually are not sure about the actual results content marketing is bringing them). Obviously, I was doing something wrong! Luckily, things have evolved since then. I am ranking in first place on keywords that are essential to my business, and have created content lead flows that generate most of my business. If you are interested in seeing what works and what doesn’t, join the club! I won’t fill up your email inbox. In fact, I might not even write for some weeks. But when I do, it will be of great benefit to you and your business.
“The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing”
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