Do you use Content Marketing to help communicate your brand and sell your products? Would you like to know what your fellow marketers in Fashion & Apparel are thinking? So would we! So take this 5-minute survey about your content marketing techniques--from
emerging content mediums
social media strategy
, to
successful distribution tools
. And in return:
We will send you an executive overview of the results
You will be automatically entered in the drawing to win a $300 NET-A-PORTER/MR PORTER gift card
We expect to find significant insights into how content is being used in the fashion and apparel industries. The survey will close on January 31. You can fill out the 5-minute survey here:
The survey is sponsored by Readz. Readz helps leading brands create innovative digital experiences for content marketing.
The 2017 State of Content Marketing in Fashion & Apparel
Proven marketing strategies from real companies.

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Have Your Say!
Tell us what you think about Content Marketing in Fashion & Apparel for a chance to win a $300 NET-A-PORTER gift card
This survey is now closed. View the results here!
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