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Showing your customers gratitude and genuine appreciation is a great way to strengthen the relationship and encourage engagement. While many think that thank you pages are the end of a conversion, they are actually just the beginning. Indeed, thank you pages are integral to the conversion optimization process. They provide marketers the opportunity to gather market research, collect customer feedback, build brand awareness, engage visitors and increase sales.
The offer should be apparent and first and foremost element on the page. If you decide to provide an instant download on your thank you page, include a backup link as well in case the download malfunctions. Here’s an example. For purchases that require shipment, the page should provide confirmation and include an expected arrival date or method of tracking.

Establish credibility with social proof
Displaying social proof has long been a popular method for increasing conversions. Showing other positive customer experiences helps establish trust with new customers and increases the chance the lead will convert again. Here are some solid examples:
There are many creative ways to display social proof (here are some examples) but in lack of creativity, many sites will just display their numbers.
Pique consumer interest After a visitor has converted, use the thank you page to pique their interest while you still have their attention. Email marketer James Grandstaff does this:
Since many people who download a free report never actually open them, this is a great way to nudge those leads further down the funnel (tactic #1 will also help). Persuasive copy, an intriguing image, and a clear, central call to action are often enough to get the job done. Places to send them include:
  • A video with more information
  • Your products/services page
  • Your pricing page
  • Your testimonials page
  • Any page that converts well
Encourage leads to share your site
While your customers are pleased, ask if they mind sharing your site. Social media can turn one lead into 100, so be sure to include social sharing buttons (and email forwarding) on your thank you page like Amazon and Myntra do:
With Google placing more weight on social sharing, you’ll want as many people sharing your site as possible. Include all platforms your company has a strong presence on. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are great options to start with, but think twice about displaying the number of shares, as low numbers can deter others from sharing. Check out the following links before moving forward with this tactic:

Offer the option to create account
Wait until after the sale is completed to ask visitors to create an account. Why? Because thirty percent of potential customers abandon their carts when forced to create an account prior to completing a sale. Therefore, avoid asking - or worse - requiring that visitors create an account before completing their purchases. Incentivize the account creation by guaranteeing things like promo codes, discounts on future purchases, easy order tracking, and other perks.
By placing the account creation after the purchase, you effectively cut any barriers to entry, both simplifying and improving the buying process. Copy like ‘Save your information for next time’ instills that it is in the customer's best interest to do so.
Request feedback
Your thank you page is a great opportunity to ask for customer feedback, especially from loyal or repeat customers. Gather market research or ask for insight to help improve the sales process. This will benefit both you and your customers in the end. There are several ways to accomplish this: Ask visitors to complete a survey. Surveys aren't always fun but they're tolerable. Keep them short, and set expectations to increase the chances that your leads will complete it. Moreover, stick with quantitative, multi-choice questions for better response rates. SurveyMonkey and TypeForm are good choices. Get them to talk about themselves. This information will be invaluable to your user profiles and an important foundation for creating new content, products, features, and services. Ask specific questions and stick to a very small number of them. Ask for qualitative feedback. This takes the form of a traditional comments box (like in the above image). You decide the questions to ask, and leave space for their reply. Their responses can help pinpoint potential issues and opportunities for your business. Google Forms and Wufoo are useful for this.
Promote related content and resources
If a visitor just subscribed to your blog or downloaded an ebook, target them with related content they're also likely to enjoy. This tactic helps keep leads engages, while guiding them further down the conversion funnel. Take a look at how Kissmetrics does it:
Here, visitors are encouraged to explore some exclusive infographics, a nice way of making subscribers feel special and getting them more involved from the onset.
Punchbowl promotes related resources, such as its social accounts and blod. By listing the benefits of each resource, they've increased the chances folks will click through because they can see and understand the value in doing so.

Promote exclusive or limited-time offers
Another thank you page optimization tactic is to promote exclusive discounts or limited-time offers. Exclusive offers are like those goodie bags you'd get from a friend's birthday party - special offers that only you can access because you converted (er, ate cake). Some exclusive offers to consider include free trials, resources, discounts, or access to loyalty member cards. These offers help steer customers back to your sales page and down the path to purchase all over again.
Consider putting a time limit on it, too (here's how to create a successful time-limited offer). This creates urgency, making your leads more inclined to jump for it. See how Jigsaw Health does this on its thank you pages:
Promote recommended products
The probability of selling to a new prospect is just 5-20 percent, while the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70 percent. The thank you page, therefore, is an optimal place to utilize a cross-sell. Buyers remain in yes-mode after the initial purchase, meaning they may buy again, so long as you can hook them. Do so by recommended logical and relevant products that should demonstrate true, added value. Amazon does a fantastic job at this - anyone frequent customer can attest to it.
Examples of thank you pages that work
NatureBox Facebook giveaway thank you page
The NatureBox Facebook giveaway thank you page is a fantastic example for a few reasons:
  • It guides interested parties further down the conversion funnel. These are people who have already expressed interest in the product by entering to win, so by providing a coupon code CTA, the company acknowledges the lead's place in the buyer’s journey and then breaks down a pricing barrier to nudge them along.
  • It encourages folks to keep the sharing going. The social sharing calls to action are smart choices for an audience already active on the platform. Moreover, there’s a good chance these folks will have friends who want the product, too. This is a great example of how you can go from one lead to 100 (extra points for motivating them with an incentive).
  • It has personality. The product image does a great job reflecting who the company is and what they represent to keep the audience engaged. More than that, it shows that the company understands who their audience is and the things they hold close (kiddy cups, sippy straws, upscale appliances).

Social Media Examiner’s sign up thank you page
Here’s what makes Social Media Examiner’s thank you page a winner:
  • It makes it worth their while. This is a thank you page for folks who’ve just signed up to receive content updates, so it makes sense to provide them with content from the onset. By giving away free gifts at the first thanks, they've cued the start of a positive relationship and reaffirmed the value of signing up.
  • It provides relevant, secondary calls to action. Beyond free gifts, the page provides additional calls to action, to check out a podcast, join a free networking club, and spread the word - a smart choice considering the inherent social aspect of the site.
  • It’s has consistent branding. By maintaining the same design, formatting, styling, and voice as the rest of the site, the page reinforces the company’s brand, creating a seamless user experience that effectively sets expectations as newcomers join the community.

HubSpot’s webinar registration thank you page
HubSpot’s infographics template thank you page is another wonderful example to mimic - here’s why:
  • It confirms the offer and provides next steps. This example covers all of the basics of a successful thank you page. It thanks the user, reaffirms the action, provides instructions for how to proceed, and provides a related call to action.
  • It establishes clear visual hierarchy. Every element - the headline, text, color, and image - works together to guide the visitor to the most important element of the page: the signup form.
  • It grabs them with a question. The decision to make the headline a question is a great one. By leading with a question and including several throughout, it gets people thinking. They'll consider business needs, challenges, and ultimately how HubSpot can help.
To summarize the lessons learned in this article, a successful thank you page will:
  1. Provide a logical, secondary call to action.
  2. Restate the value of the original offer.
  3. Provide the offer content or next steps.
  4. Give the option to share the offer.
  5. Establish further connection via social media or account creation.
  6. Promote other relevant products or content.
Being polite and establishing trust go a long way. Don’t be fooled to thinking the conversation ends with the conversion - it only just begins! What are some of the best thank you pages you’ve ever seen? Did you convert again? Why or why not?
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Here's how to make the most of this opportunity.

Restate the value of the offer and provide offer content
What has the lead done to trigger your thanks? Confirm the offer, restate its value, and show genuine gratitude to humanize your response. Then, actually provide the offer content - right then and there - by proceeding with the download link or promised subscription.
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This image shows the site's ‘frequently bought together’ cross-sell - an effective way to promote related products and encourage more sales. Moreover, the recommendations are highly tailored and customized, making the customer more likely to convert. Take note of the quality product images, descriptions, ratings, and other details included. This is how it should be done.
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Simple Ways To Increase The Return On Your Thank You Page
By Victoria Taylo
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