The sign up form is one of your main communication channels and in many cases the only place on a web page where true interaction between you and your customers occurs. In all cases, it is a significant point in the brand-consumer relationship. Therefore, the interaction should be as smooth as possible. Optimize your forms for a better user experience, and you’ll see better engagement and conversion rates because of it. Fail to do so, and prepare for your site visitors to leave and never return. So how do you construct forms that guarantee the former and avoid the latter? Start with the best practices covered in this article:
Limit your form fields When it comes to form fields, in most cases, less is more. Research consistently shows that fewer form fields translates to more conversions. For instance, a case study from VMO demonstrates how the removal of just three fields led to a conversion lift of 11 percent. When Blivakker, a Norwegian online beauty shop, cut their fields down from 17 to 14, they saw an 11 percent increase in registrations. Another study, by research lab Marketing Experiments, shows similar results. David Kirkpatrick describes how Marketo cut its nine-field form to seven fields, resulting in a 20 percent increase in conversion rate. When they cut the form down to just five fields, the conversion rate increased by 34 percent. In most cases, all you need to ask is for the visitor's email and password. You can get the rest of the info later.
Sign Up Form Tactics Guaranteed To Boost Conversions
By Marc Schenker
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