Are you getting the results you expected from your content marketing assets? If not, maybe the problem is a lot simpler than you think. Maybe it’s just bad writing. It’s a tough pill to swallow, I know, but don’t discount it. The fact is, people come to you because you're an expert in your niche, and elementary mistakes can damage your reputation and make people click away — forever. Research from LaFleur Marketing shows that 74 percent of millennials — the same people who use SMS-speak and emojis as a second language — are bothered by mistakes in written content published on social media. They're not the only ones. Poor writing repels your readers, resulting in lost subscribers and poor conversions. We already know how important it is to have quality content to attract and retain your readers. One important aspect of quality content is good writing. Avoid the most common errors and you will create content that enhances your credibility rather than damaging it.
For Writing With Influence, Use These 12 Great Tools
By Bart De Pelsmaeker & Sharon Hurley Hall
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